Hotels are guaranteed the online reputation that the government wants to give them with the new accommodation law in order to classify their quality. This online test could make them lose or win stars. Right now they have a really good feedback with a grading of eight out of ten in website like Booking or Trivago. The sample is significant enough given as the hotel union has 200 members including hotels, bars, campings and restaurants. According to the director of tourism Sergi Nadal the score awarded by booking hotels is fine but nuances that there are some hotels with a score below the average that should improve their services. Even so, he affirms that websites such as bookings will not be used to know the reputation of hotels because there are specialized companies that offer this information by extracting all the data from the network and using specialized algorithms. The director of tourism affirms that there will be a benchmark and those businesses that are above average will add points and those that are below will be subtracted. Nadal considers that this mechanism is innovative and that it is still necessary to agree the terms with the sector to start this evaluation system. The director of tourism considers that regulations must be adapted to social and economic changes, such as offering Wifi. It will also check the equipment of hotels in which there will be minimum criteria and other more flexible depending on the category of business.