This winter season will be that of the recovery of Russian tourism, according to hoteliers and travel agencies. "It will be better than last year, without a doubt, and in fact, we are on the verge of reaching precrisis figures," said Joan Tomás. Tomás added that once the economic difficulties caused by the fall in the price of the Ruble have been overcome, they will be able to return to a country that they like very much.

The president of the hotel union of Andorra, Manel Ara, is also convinced that the number of tourists coming from Russia will increase. "Looking ahead to January, an improvement is expected in this market coinciding with the celebration of Orthodox Christmas". "The prospects are that we will have better figures than last year, which at the same time were already higher than the ones of previous seasons”. Andorra Tourism confirms the impressions, and the economic recovery is also attributed to advertising campaigns and business negotiations with tourism operators.

The government has set out to recover this market, which is why it has made more efforts to advertise Andorra as a tourist destination, focusing mainly on online channels and social networks. The president of the UHA also recalled the bad years, when the Russian market was affected by the fall of the ruble, but now the outlook is favorable for the future.

The profile of the visitor has changed in recent years, and if formerly Russian tourists were associated with people with great fortunes, today is no longer the case, The tourism of middle-class people is increasing.

Vinseiro acknowledged that Russian tourism is one of the few that does not come exclusively to ski, but has interests in other things of the country, like consuming culture and visiting places of interest.