Toni Martí showed yesterday his support to the decision of the General Secretary of
the United Nations to create a counter-terrorism office. “The General Secretary can
count on our support about the creation of the office" in terms of concrete action," a
concrete action is needed to combat terrorism and eradicate its causes," he told the
General Assembly, in which he stressed" the importance of the fight against terrorism
has been overlooked in recent years.” He also recalled the attacks on Catalonia last
August, affirming that "we Andorran people, have seen how our European neighbors
directly suffered the consequences of this irrational hate very recently in Barcelona and
Cambrils, two Catalan localities with which the Andorran population have a close and
close relationship".

Martí explained the proposals against climate change being promoted by the
government, such as the aid program for electric vehicles, heat networks projects,
incentives and obligations to promote the self-production of renewable energies, and
the development of the energy transition law. In this context, he welcomed Emmanuel
Macron's initiative to push for a global environmental pact as a way to obtain "concrete
actions" because he warned that "the negative effects have been palpable for a long
time". On the other hand, he stressed the elaboration of the White Paper on Equality,
which will be "a key tool to eradicate the discrimination situations that still exist in our

He also highlighted the efforts to implement competency-based education, and to
maintain and improve the coexistence of the three education systems. The leader of
the executive announced that Andorra will participate in the next edition of the
voluntary national reviews, and next July will present a report to assess the compliance
of sustainable development objectives. Martí also applauded Guterres initiative to
promote the reform of the United Nations development system and stressed the need
to work to ensure that global agreements are implemented. He also stressed the fact
that the International Criminal Court needs to act in the most serious cases. It also
supported the veto of permanent members in the case of genocide or serious human
rights violations.

The principality also added a new support yesterday for Andorra to host the Ibero-
American Summit in 2020. The two ministers also discussed various aspects of
bilateral cooperation. On the other hand, Martí, agreed with the president of Estonia

collaboration to share the experience of digitization and administrative simplification.
An Andorran delegation will visit the country within the next months.