Swiftair has presented a project to the government on the possibilities of
recovering Andorra la Seu airport for commercial flights that could be the
definitive impulse to dismantle the aeronautical complex. The Spanish company
has committed to make regular flights, and for this reason plans to allocate two
aircrafts from its fleet of between 50 and 60 passengers at the airport, according
to sources close to the project. The airline plans to fly to Barcelona, Madrid,
London and Frankfurt, and right now, they are not planning to expand the offer
to other European cities.

The frequency of flights and ticket prices are still unknown because it is still not
confirmed at this time if the airport will receive the definitive endorsement to
work with commercial aviation. All this depends on the Spanish aerial regulator
because they have to approve the operation with GPS devices. Andorra - La
Seu airport is viable only if instrumental flights are authorised, which are not
approved on any infrastructure in the neighbouring country. The orographic
complexity of the area is yet another factor to be taken into account in order to
receive the authorization.

The government believes that the GPS feasibility report will be positive as it is
approved in various airports around the world. What he does not yet know, is
which requirements will be demanded in all areas through the study. It would be
the first Spanish airport to operate with instrumental approaches and therefore it
has to ask for maximum security guarantees until the risk is reduced to zero. In
order for the installation to be operational, works worth 500,000 euros will have
to be carried out, which will be paid in equal parts by the Government of
Andorra and the Generalitat de Catalunya.