The Spanish company Swiftair will meet next week with government officials to present a project that will allow them to operate the lines of the airport of Andorra - La Seu, according to the newspaper. The airline's intention is to be able to operate this winter, but in order to do so, it is essential that the aerodrome has the GPS technology that would facilitate landing and take-off of flights under adverse visibility conditions. Without this, the airport will not be able to operate and the option would escape. The Minister of Territorial Planning, Jordi Torres, explained that "we will meet with the company next week to study the proposal to be able to operate flight lines to the country from  the Andorra - La Seu airport, if the operation with GPS is enabled" he said.

The technical reports that are supposed to allow them to operate with this technology were presented a few weeks ago, and now they are waiting for the Spanish authorities to give their approval,"They had already told us that it would take approximately two months to study it," said the minister. In any case, the head of government, Toni Martí explained that after the meeting he had with the Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, last May, they discussed the issue and he didn’t oppose.  


TourOperators Specialists

Swiftair is a flight operator based in Madrid that was born in 1986. Since a few years ago he has specialized in corporate clients and tour operators who are responsible of selling the ticket to the final consumer. The company currently has more than 400 employees and 30 aircraft with which it flies in Spain. But also Europe, Africa and the Middle East.