"There has been an increase. It is not a large one, but it is significant", says the head of Social Services at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Juan Carlos Villaverde.

FEDA will not increase the price of energy for at least the next "two or three years". The director, Albert Moles, said yesterday that the current rates will be on hold until 2020, with a "reasonable" increase of 1% or 2%. Moles explained that, unlike neighbouring countries which have increased their energy quota because of the peaks in consumption this winter, FEDA "has a margin to absorb" the rise because of long-term purchase - the 82% of energy acquired – in two years. "There is no need to worry about increasing prices. I don't see a big impact in two or three years", he said.

Yesterday, the electric company presented the results of thousands of telephone surveys carried out to analyze the level of customer satisfaction. Subscribers have awarded an 8.2 for the service, the best result in the last six years, and have detected an improvement in the management of incidents.

According to FEDA, last year  electricity cuts affected a total of 1,659 customers and lasted 437 minutes. In global figures, of 33,000 users, some 8,000 were affected by some sort of incident.