The price of the rents has reached an average of ten euros per square meter,
according to the cross-checking of data between different property managers.
This is an average price that in this case reflects the great differences between
the different areas of the country. In the center, prices are higher, up to 15
euros per square meter and are also more difficult to find. This type of housing
is the most demanded along with houses of various floors. The dripping of new
residents has meant that the supply of high-end rental housing has been
progressively depleted. The different managers consulted agree that the basic
rental price is 400 euros and belongs to studios in the tourist apartment areas.
The average price of the studios is around 450 euros and marks the beginning
of the price increase. It is necessary to understand that the square meters of a
house or the number of rooms are only two generic parameters for the price
cataloguing. There are factors that change the rent substantially. The location
and state of conservation are key elements of some forms are merged in the
statistics at the time of averaging.

Real estate agents point out that the increase in prices has not yet had the
effect that was experienced at the beginning of the century. Both the price of
the rents and those of purchase were much cheaper and the Seu and the
surrounding villages began to receive people who worked in Andorra.