About Roc Propietats


When you deal with us we guarantee to:



  • Invariably represent your best interest in all matters.
  • Answer all faxes within one working day.
  • Reply to telephone queries the same day.
  • Respond to all letters within two working days.
  • Provide accurate and definitive information.



At ROC, we believe that as a Client, you are entitled to be treated exactly as we want to be treated when we are someone else’s Client.

We believe, above all, in customer care and in providing a complete service; we offer both a professional approach to estate agency and a comprehensive after-sales service which will assist you with all aspects of life in Andorra, not just those directly related to property management. We believe that the services we provide cannot be bettered by any other agency based in Andorra.

So who are we, and what, exactly, can we offer you?


The company is a joint Andorran and British venture which enjoys a good name within the expatriate, and particularly, local Andorran communities.



ROC’s aim is to offer the widest cross-section of properties with title deed within Andorra and to offer every assistance to potential purchasers and vendors. The company can also provide on request a comprehensive range of associated services, including property management, maintenance, rental, and general administration.



Of proven benefit to potencial purchasers, ROC offers a computerized register of properties available for sale which combined with the Directors’detailed knowledge of the Andorran market, places our company in a unique position to quickly identify the right property at the right price for every Client.



One of the Directors always personally inspects and reviews every property offered for sale by ROC. Such first hand knowledge of all properties ensures ROC’s clientele always receives the best and most reliable advice and assistance.



After an initial discussion with the client to establish his or her requirements and the approximate budget. they will identify and discuss those properties which appear to meet the purchaser’s needs. Once the Client is satisfied, he/she will then be accompanied on a tour of inspection.



When the choice of a property has been made and the purchase price agreed, we will, unless otherwise instructed, handle the transaction for both parties. This will include drafting the Sale and Purchase Agreements. Relevant details will then be passed to the Notary for finalisation.



ROC will also normally handle all matters leading to completion of the purchase as part of the service offered.This can include organising Powers of Attorney, settlement of outstanding mortgages, negotiation and arrangement of new mortgages, account opening and general liaison with the Andorran bank.



For owners wishing to sell or exchange properties, we will place appropiate advertisements in suitable journals and periodicals, promote the property directly to known prospective purchasers, and also offer it through cooperating agents. Drawing upon our intimate knowledge of current movements in the Andorran property market, ROC will suggest an asking price, and then make every possible effort to complete the sale of the property in the most timely and cost- effective manner.



It is a proven fact that ROC’S clients benefit from involving us from the outset. Our intention is to provide a highly personalized service in which the Client’s interest and wishes are paramount. The company is able to offer any or all of the following services to Clients wishing to have a property built in Andorra: Finding a suitable development site at an affordable price in a location favoured by the Client. Advise clients whether the type and style of house proposed will comply with all current building regulations and requirements. After purchase, and in conjunction with an appropriate architect, help to obtain full planning consent for the proposed property.



ROC can advise on the selection of a suitable architect who, in addition to drawing up the plans, is responsible for supervising the construction. He in turn can suggest a short-list of reliable construction companies to be invited to tender. Together with the architect and the Client, ROC can negotiate contract terms with the chosen builder and agree the detailed specification of the property. Throughout construction, ROC will liaise between the Client and architect to endeavour to ensure that all the Client’s wishes are satisfied.



ROC is able to offer a comprehensive service to potential purchasers of commercial developments and investment property. This includes the identification of properties which conform to the Client’s income or capital appreciation requirements, together with professional assistance during the purchase, and subsequent letting or re-sale, of those properties.



ROC offers a complete after-sales service which is designed to relieve the Purchaser of any concerns and to ensure the property is maintained correctly. The sevices offered include:



  • The inspection, maintenance and general care of vacant properties on behalf of owners absent from Andorra.
  • Advertising properties for rent and identifying suitable tenants for them.
  • Administering rented properties, including periodic inspections, and monitoring the payment of rent and utilities charges.





Because of the Director's own extensive experience and wide range of professional connections. ROC can also provide numerous other services to Clients. These include advice and assistance on:



  • Property insurance
  • Applications for Andorran residence
  • Drafting of Andorran Wills or Codicils to existing Wills
  • Tax implications of bequests
  • Andorran Residence and associated matters
  • The formation of Andorran companies
  • More generally, on all matters connected with living, working or investing in Andorra.


And finally…

If you have not yet dealt with us, we hope this profile will encourage you to do so. We look forward to meeting you, assisting you to acquire a property here and helping you obtain the maximum pleasure out of ownership in what is one of the most attractive and secure countries in Europe.




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