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  • 05/04/2019

Shakira studies to come to live in Andorra because of the problems with the Spanish Treasury

Colombian singer Shakira is studying the possibility of relocating her residence in Andorra and leaving the Bahamas because of problems with the Spanish Treasury.

  • 05/04/2019

Andorran banks' profits fall by 25% to 100 million euros

The banks' positions in terms of net profits are maintained, but in three the profits are reduced and in two the figure of the previous year is repeated.

  • 05/04/2019

A study fixes the price per square metre of rent at 13 euros

Renting an apartment of 100 square meters would cost, on average, about 1,300 euros

  • 05/04/2019

Andorra dazzles the snow planet

Unanimity among all actors involved to point out the success of the finals and the excellent ability of the organizational team

  • 12/03/2019

Flights not Schenguen at La Seu airport

Cunillera says that once the GPS system is in operation, steps will be taken for the installation to receive aircraft from outside this space. He underlines that the decriminalization of abortion is an internal decision.

  • 05/03/2019

The number of Russian tourists falls by 20% this season

The Russian tourist market in Andorra is in crisis.